It’s bye bye for Windows XP as support for Embedded POSReady 2009 ends today


9, 2019

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP Home and Professional back in 2014, as a result of which the company stopped providing technical support and the security updates, leaving the 16-years old operating system to die. However, there were five years of extended support for Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, the last supported version of Windows based on Windows XP. And today is the day Microsoft is pulling the plug on the extended support for Windows XP.

Other enterprise variants of Windows XP such as Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded for Point of Service SP3 breathed their last breath in January this year and in 2016 respectively.

Now that the support is ending today, you should be looking at something that is more modern, continuously updated. Enters Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, a descendant of Windows Embedded OS family. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise will let you do more and best of all, you will continue to get technical support, security patches among other things from Microsoft, meaning a healthy system that’s not as vulnerable as your years old Windows XP system.

Are you one of them who is using Windows XP on their PC? Let us know why you love/hate it in the comments section.

Via: TechRepublic

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