Israel’s ‘Carmel’ battle tanks include Microsoft Xbox One Controller

August 24, 2020
Israel Tank Xbox Controller

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Microsoft’s Xbox One Controller is arguably the best controller available in the market right now. In the past, we have seen several reports about the usage of Xbox One Controller outside of gaming. For example, the US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines have Xbox Controllers to control the advanced periscopes. Xbox One Controller not only reduces the costs but also reduces the training required. More recently, Xbox One Controllers were used by Elon Musk’s Boring Company to dig tunnels under cities.

Now it seems Microsoft’s ubiquitous gaming controller has also found a home in Israel’s Carmel, a battle tank prototype developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. Since Israeli Defense Force will have more men and women aged 18 to 21, Xbox Controller will provide them a better experience. Thanks to the popularity of video games, many men and women find it familiar to use a Microsoft Xbox Controller when compared to the typical joystick and controllers found in defense systems.

“They wanted something lighter and more portable,” said Meir Shabtai, general manager of IAI’s robotics systems operations, which is responsible for the project. Shabtai noted that the drivers wanted the ability to bring the controller into their lap, for instance, instead of using fixed, mounted controls. “From teenagers up to pre-military guys, and guys who are after their service, we let each one play with the [Carmel simulation] and define what kind of skills and what kind of accessories we should use, and according to that we developed the whole system.”

Microsoft Xbox Israel Carmel

Source: The Washington Post

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