iPhone 4S vs Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization Test



Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 4S video (image stabilisation / floating lens technology)

CCInsight was one of these lucky enough to be invited to Nokia World 2012, and whilst there managed to do a hands-on test of the Optical Image Stabilization on the Nokia Lumia 920 and compared this to the Digital Image Stabilization on the iPhone 4S.

He notes that he held the iPhone 4S in his right hand, and the Lumia 920 in his left, which presumably made the Nokia handset even less stable.

While no-one can stop the trolls from calling the video fake, I think it is pretty clear the Lumia 920 performed much better than the iPhone 4S, which CCInsight notes results in an “interesting competitive advantage for Nokia on this new device.”


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