Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly have these new features

June 27, 2022
iOS 16 Preview

Apple has started testing iOS 16 with beta testers, but there are certain features that the company doesn’t want to reveal right now even though they are part of the next iOS update, Always-on display (AOD), for example. According to Apple journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, AOD will be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models, which may explain why it’s still not available in preview in iOS 16.

Gurman also shared several other important pieces of information about the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro handsets. A revamped lock screen is one of the most talked-about features in iOS, and the upcoming “Pro” models will also have it, which will consist of widgets displaying weather, calendars, stocks, activities, and other data. The screen brightness and frame rate will be lowered to ensure a better life. The revamped lock screen will also allow users to keep sensitive data from appearing on the lock screen. They will work works hand-in-hand with AOD.

Moreover, iPhone 14 Pro will have a much-improved camera system. Apple will use a 48 MP rear camera for the first time. The front-facing camera is also expected to be significantly better than previous models. The processing power is also likely to be better, courtesy of Apple’s faster A16 chip, something the iPhone 14 non-Pro models will not get, as reported by Gurman. A redesigned notch with a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID and a hole punch for the camera is another noteworthy change that Apple is set to introduce in iPhone 14 Pro.

The non-Pro models will be a lot less exciting this year, as per Gurman. The regular iPhone 14 will get the same A15 chip from last year, which powers the iPhone 13 models. Also, due to poor demand, Apple will finally kill the 5.4-inch mini-size models and replace them with 6.1-inch ones.

This year’s iPhone launch event could take place in September, though the exact dates are unknown. The event will tell us whether these leaks are true. In the meantime, keep reading MSPU to know all the latest updates about the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

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