iPhone 11 may finally ditch Lightning for USB-C


10, 2019

Apple has been dancing around adding USB-C to the iPhone for some years now, despite their laptops having almost exclusively USB-C ports and their best iPads also being USB-C powered.

It seemed Apple was reserving USB-C for their Pro devices and did not count the iPhone as one of these.

This appears to be set to change if the iOS 13 iPhone restore screen is anything to go by.

As noticed by multiple people, including Raphael Mounton on Twitter , iOS 13 clearly shows a USB-C plug.  This

This is a significant change from the Lightning connector seen in older versions of the OS above.

Of course, iOS 13 is simply a beta, and the code may refer to the iPad Pro, or maybe Apple will finally introduce that iPhone Pro Satya Nadella keeps talking about.

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