iOS 13.2 aggressive killing of background apps is causing problems for Tesla owners


1, 2019

iPhone owners have once again run into software issues with the latest iOS 13.2, with users complaining the app is closing background processes so aggressively that multi-tasking no longer exists on the operating system.

iOS has of course never been famous for being an operating system which placed multi-tasking first, but some developers have come to rely on having their app running in the background.

One of these has been Tesla, which lets you replace your car keys with your phone. Tesla owners are now complaining that their doors do not open when they approach with iOS 13.2.

Of course, not only Tesla owners are affected. Many home automation systems like electronic door locks rely on the same feature.

Apple is rapidly earning a reputation of delivering more issues than features with their software updates, and I suspect more iOS users will be reconsidering installing the latest OS update without it being well tested in the market first.

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