Internet is mind-blown by Midjourney v6's photorealism capability. Here's how you can try it

The alpha test has just dropped overnight.

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Key notes

  • Midjourney v6 is finally here, & the internet is in awe of its photorealism.
  • The latest model brings a lot of new features, including longer prompts & modes.
  • You can head over to its Discord channel and try it.

Midjourney v6, the latest OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 competitor, has just dropped overnight for an alpha test. Testers are currently trying it out during the winter break, and the internet is loving it.

The tech company says the new model, even though it’s still in testing, is a big improvement over the old one. It gives better and more accurate answers to longer prompts, does a better job with images, and has improved features like remix mode and upscaling. The tech maker also promises to pump up its speed over time.

For example, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the same prompt from Midjourney v3 and v6. It depicts Walter White, the popular fictional character of chemistry teacher-turn-drug kingpin of the popular series Breaking Bad (courtesy of this Redditor).

Honestly? It looks incredible and eerily realistic at the same time, especially with the 2024 worldwide elections approaching. You can even create an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin holding up a “Free Ukraine” sign, and it looks incredibly realistic.

Since it started in the summer of 2022, Midjourney has been giving OpenAI’s DALL-E a run for its money in turning text into images. Just like the latest DALL-E 3 on ChatGPT Plus, both of these models can now add text to the pictures they create, which wasn’t possible before.

To use Midjourney v6, go to its Discord channel and subscribe. The basic plan is about $10 per month, or you can go for the “Mega” plan at $120 per month, which gives you 60 hours of fast GPU time and more.