Interesting app puts note taking in your Action Centre


Windows 10 Mobile includes a short cut for “Quick notes” but disappointingly its rather slow, opening up the whole and heavy OneNote app instead of a small scratch pad.

Fortunately there are better solutions, which is where Action Note comes in.

Action Note is not just another note taking app. It integrates into your Action Center and enables the fastest access to all of your notes. It lets you create notes using Windows 10 Mobile’s actionable notifications and also lets you pin important notes to your start screen.

The notes support more than more scribbles, but also attachments, and the pro version ($2.99) offers cross device synchronization, which is ideal, as the app is a Universal Windows App with a desktop Windows 10 version also.

The app is free with an IAP for the pro version, and can be found in the Windows Store here.

Action Note
Action Note
Price: Free