Intel “Windows phone” identified as a prototype Dell mini-tablet with phone features

by Surur
November 6, 2016


The dream of many of our readers is Windows 10 on x86 in a phone form factor, which can then be used with UWP apps when mobile and docked for the full Windows desktop experience.

It seems some-one did not think this was a complete fantasy, as Brad Sams from has revealed the above device, leaked by Evan Blass, was an early Dell prototype of full Windows 10 running in a smartphone form factor, but with cellular connectivity, and that it would have used an early version of Continuum for Phones and a lap dock to enable full functionality.

He reports the device was killed when Intel dropped its low-end Atom range but that we may see the idea resurrected with the much vaunted Surface Phone.

Do our reader think the time has come to go back to this idea? Let us know below.

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