Intel teams up with Microsoft to bring Speed Shift technology to Windows 10

November 6, 2015


Intel recently revealed its Skylake processors. The company has teamed up with Microsoft to bring Speed Shift technology to Windows 10. The Speed Shift technology will deliver the most responsive experience on PCs with Intel’s 6th Gen Core processors running Windows 10.

With Intel’s Speed Shift Technology, the process will be able to go to maximum clock speed in ~1ms, which will result in a more responsive experience. So how does Intel’s Speed Shift technology improve the performance? The folks over at AnandTech compared the responsive time of the Intel Core i5-6200U processor with and without Intel’s Speed Shift technology — here’s how it improved the response time:

  • Responsiveness improved by up to 45%
  • Photo enhancement up to 45%
  • Sales graphs up to 31%
  • Local notes up to 22%
  • Overall responsiveness up to 20%

Currently, if your Windows 10 computer includes a Skylake processor, you won’t be able to try Intel’s Speed Shift technology. However, Microsoft is expected to deliver a new patch update sometime soon which will bring this new technology. The update is possibly the November Refresh (aka Fall Update), which is expected to come on November 10. Nonetheless, if you own a Pc with a Skylake processor, tell us what you think of Intel’s Speed Shift technology in the comment section below.

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