Intel launches its first 5G product for PCs

May 31, 2021
Intel 5G Solution 5000

Intel 5G Solution 5000

Back in 2019, Intel and MediaTek announced partnership to enable 5G PCs from Windows OEMs. Today, Intel announced its first 5G product for PCs, Intel 5G Solution 5000, a M.2 solution with worldwide carrier certification which will deliver five-times speed increases over the current Intel Gigabit LTE solution.

Intel partnered with MediaTek on product definition, development, certification and support of 5G modem solutions for the next generation of PC experiences and Fibocom to supply 5G M.2 solutions (FM350-GL).

Acer, ASUS and HP are expected to release laptops with Intel 5G Solution 5000 based on 11th Gen Intel Core U- and H-series processors this year. In 2022, Intel expects over 30 laptops with this new 5G solution.

Source: Intel

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