Instructions now available to install Windows on ARM on the Lumia 950 XL

by Surur
May 13, 2018

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Well, that was fast. It seems Ben Imbushuo has polished his hack enough to make it public, and a number of hardware hackers have now followed the instructions and have installed Windows 10 on ARM on the Lumia 950 XL.

He describes the procedure as such:

1) WPInternals 2.4 to unlock bootmgfw

2) 1st shim:

3) Kickstarter: (msm8994-test-2 branch)

4) UEFI: (Get Linaro toolchain and EDK2 ready)

I suspect if that does not make sense to you it’s probably not a project you should be taking on, but if it does, you can find more detail at Ben’s Github repository here.

It’s not clear to me if networking is working yet, but as can be seen from the screenshot above, installing 3rd party win32 apps such as Chrome certainly does work.

See some screenshots from ADeltaX showing the OS in action below.

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