Instagram News: Four new creator-centered features, improvements arrive in new update

April 15, 2023

Instagram recently rolled out an update, giving users and creators four new features to try: the new Reels page for trending audio and hashtags, a redesigned editing experience, new insights for creator analytics, and an improved fan appreciation experience.

Instagram is continuously trying to be more like TikTok, and part of that is releasing features that are somehow similar to its rival. The first thing to notice in this update is a new section dedicated to finding the latest trends, including hashtags and audio. For the latter, users can view how many times the songs have been used and get the option to save them. The new section should help creators follow the trends, giving them ideas on what content to upload.

Speaking of content, the update also includes an improved editing screen, which is now “unified.” Specifically, this gives users a place to easily access video clips, audio, stickers, and text tools, making it possible to edit Reels in only a single location. According to Instagram, this will make it easier “to align and time elements of your reel to the right moments in a more visual way.”

Moreover, in hopes of making the platform friendlier to creators who want a better strategy for growing their follower population, Instagram presented updates to Reels Insights. Here, there will be two new metrics for total watch time and average watch time. As the company noted, this will aid creators in identifying their specific content that gains traction and engagement and the areas that need “a stronger hook to have viewers stay longer.” In line with this, the update also included a new notification that tells what specific reels help you obtain new followers.

On the other hand, to help creators better connect with their fans through gifts on Reels, another new notification experience will now show the follower that sent the gift. Next to the fan name is a new heart icon that can be tapped by the creator to show their appreciation to the gift sender. According to Instagram, the fan who sent the gift will be notified, informing them that the creator noticed them. The company said the gift feature would also be rolled out to more markets “in the coming weeks,” including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK.

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