Instagram creators can now publish exclusive posts for subscribers, chat with them via group DM

July 15, 2022

Influencers are one vital element of Instagram’s future. More influencers mean more users and followers. With this, it is important to give them the perfect tools to serve their growing number of supporters. That’s what Instagram is doing now with the release of new features allowing them to chat with subscribers and publish posts that are only accessible to them.

As an influencer, trying to keep your audience entertained and feeling valued is part of the game on Instagram. The best way to do it is to connect with them and give them access to exclusive content. Instagram just made that possible as the new “Subscriber Home” tab and subscriber chat enter the scene. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the former will be available on creator profiles, wherein the subscribers can filter the posts, Reels, or photos exclusive to them. The chat, on the other hand, will let creators chat with up to 30 subscribers simultaneously through group DMs.

The announcement of the features follows Instagram’s January 2022 rollout of its creators’ paid subscription service, which costs $0.99 to $99.99. At that time, the subscription was just made available to a small number of creators but was later delivered to thousands more US influencers. Mosseri now expresses the need to expand the availability of the paid subscription around the globe as the company tries to make Instagram “the best place online for creators to make a living.”

“We want Instagram to be the best place online for creators to make a living,” Mosseri said. “And a really important thing to creators everywhere is sustainable income, because at the end of the day, if you’re a creator, you’re a business. And a great way to establish some sustainable and predictable income is through subscriptions.”

The new Subscriber Home and subscriber chat will join other features already being experienced by paid subscribers of the creators, such as the purple badge, exclusive Stories, and livestreaming. Mosseri claims the newly added tab is one of the most requested by the early subscribers but said, “this is just one step on a much longer path to provide creators everywhere with a whole range of tools to be able to make a living online.”

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