Here’s what the guts of PS5’s DualSense controller look like

September 28, 2020
PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

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“What do you want?” the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller screamed. “I wanna see what your insides look like.” the gamer coldly replied, pry tool in hand. 

That’s our fanfic interpretation of what happened before Instagram user Impact_Controller kindly posted images of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 controller online, but it probably isn’t what happened.

Regardless, the Instagram user posted a large number of images deconstructing the PlayStation 5 DualSense consumer. There are images of the controller’s main PCB, it’s two-part front shell (that will likely result in many two-colored special editions in the future) and the controller’s new impulse triggers.

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The next-gen PlayStation 5 controller is required for playing PS5 games, even if they are cross-gen titles that can be played with a PS4 controller on PS4. However, Sony will allow users to use their DualShock 4 controllers to play backward compatible games on PS5. The new controller costs £59.99.

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