Improved Shared Line Experience will allow you to choose a delegate to answer on your behalf in Microsoft Teams meetings

August 28, 2023
Improved Shared Line Experience

An improved Shared Line experience will make its way to the Microsoft Teams Mobile app, and this experience will allow you to delegate a workmate to answer or handle Teams meetings on their behalf.

Talking about exciting features, right? This one will begin its rollout these next few days, and it will continue all throughout September.

The Improved Shared Line Experience will also bring some other features to the Teams mobile app, including:

  • Teams Mobile users now have a Shared Line tab on the calls app
  • The Shared Line tab allows viewing delegates, making it easy to view the delegator lines they manage and their delegates

We say it was about time for a feature like this to come to Microsoft Teams. What do you think about it? Will you use to skip meetings?

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