Impressive Diablo 2 remake has been modded into Grim Dawn


28, 2020

A fan of ARPG game has created a full Diablo 2 remake inside of Grim Dawn, a more modern ARPG that plays nicely with modern PCs.

Called Reign of Terror, the 1:1 recreation of Blizzard’s fantastic classic ARPG includes every smidgen of content found in Diablo 2 and its beloved expansion, Lord of Destruction. This is the Diablo 2 remake fans have craved for years, well, as close as it can get.

The fan-made Diablo 2 remake includes every class from the original game on top of the default classes that Grim Dawn uses. The mod even includes all the original Diablo 2 sounds and music; even all the cut scenes are available.

“Since the core mechanics cannot be changed, a perfect Diablo II replica is not possible,” writes Grim Dawn modder Ram. “This is as close as it can be however.”

If you want to play Ram’s Reign of Terror modification, you’ll need to own the base game of Grim Dawn as well as two expansions: Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods.

For full instructions on how to install Reign of Terror, head on over to the mod’s official website here. If you’re new to the game, the mod or even new to the Diablo series, Ram’s instructions will guide you into the world of monsters and madness better than anything else.

If you’re into official Diablo content, Blizzard is working on a new entry in the series: Diablo IVT. It’s said to be darker than Diablo III, but it’s still quite a ways off the Gothic horror of the second game.

Source: VG247

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