Ill-fated Andromeda OS gets demoed on the ill-fated Lumia 950 (video)


21, 2022

Andromeda was the OS shell and hardware for smartphone-sized dual-screened devices such as the Surface Duo, before Microsoft decided to ship an Android device instead.

Due to development difficulties with both Andromeda and Windows Core OS, Microsoft eventually shelved both operating systems, but the prototype OS is still floating around, and today WindowsCentral posted a demo of the OS running on the Lumia 950.

Despite that device not having two screens, the OS does feature an emulated dual-screen mode which allows us to have a look at what might have been.

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Do our readers think Andromeda would have had a chance of Microsoft persisted, or did they make the right choice shipping Android instead? Let us know below.

via onMSFT

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