Hyper-V UI updated for High DPI systems in latest Windows 10 Insider Build

Windows 10 Hyper-V

If you have used Hyper-V on a high DPI display machine, you would have noticed how small the controls were making it difficult for anyone to use. Microsoft is fixing Hyper-V’s usability on High DPI systems and they have included this change in the latest Windows 10 Insider Build 14371. The Virtual Machine Connection (vmconnect.exe) is now full DPI aware.

The following changes are included in the latest build,

  1. Virtual Machine Connection is now completely DPI aware – so there are no clipped graphics or strings at any DPI setting.
  2. They have included new icons for all of Hyper-V – all of which are available at all DPI points. This now means that as you scale up your DPI the icons will change and become more detailed.
  3. Finally, they have changed the the way they display the virtual machine.  If you connect to a virtual machine using enhanced mode – it gets all the DPI information from the host, and does the right thing.  However, if you are using basic mode – the guest OS is unaware of the host DPI.  To address this they will now automatically scale the virtual machine screen display to match the host DPI – but only if you are using basic mode.  What this all means is that you should no longer have to deal with teeny-tiny boot screens or text screens when using Virtual Machine Connection.
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