Amplitude’s Civilization-esque historical 4X game Humankind has been delayed until August 17th to perfect the game after feedback. 

Announced on Twitter, Chief Creative Officer of Amplitude, Romain de Waubert, said “This game means a lot to us, and more than anything we want to honour the communities expectations for it.” 

“Players have always been at the heart of Amplitudes philosophy, and releasing the game on August 17th will allow us the extra time to keep working with the community and polishing the game for an amazing day one experience.” He went on to say in the rest of the announcement post. 

“What did our players tell us about their experience with the OpenDev, and what are we doing to address their concerns?” The Amplitude team asked of themselves in a subsequent dev blog

“We’ll be working to address pacing, balancing, diplomacy, accessibility, and AI (among others)” They answered, giving a good indication of how they’re really trying to use player feedback as the resource it can be, especially after high profile blunders we’ve seen in the past.