Hulu brings live TV and an overhauled interface to Xbox One

When gamers who use Hulu turned on their Xbox Ones this morning, they were greeted to a new interface. The new layout comes alongside the ability to subscribe to live television on the device among others. Hulu’s new service combines its existing content with 50 live channels. The good news is that major broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX are all on board.

Unfortunately, this service is quite expensive. Pricing starts at $40 per month and goes up from there. For an extra $4 per month you can opt out of commercials. However, if you want to upgrade your Cloud DVR then you’ll have to pay another $15. The cost does start to build up especially if you look at services like Sling which start at $20 and PlayStation Vue which starts at $30.

While the new interface is beautiful, it does experience a significant amount of lag on Xbox One. It also involves flipping through more tabs. While it’s a definitive improvement over what we had before, it’s still not completely optimized. Hopefully Hulu will continue to fix these problems so it’s seamless on all devices. Lastly, for those wondering, the live television service is only available on Xbox One, not PlayStation 4. It’s unclear why this is the case but it might have to do with the fact that it competes with PlayStation Vue.