Huawei’s R&D firm Futurewei separates itself to carry out operations in the US


25, 2019

Author Anmol // in News

Huawei’s research division Futurewei has sandboxed itself from the parent company to carry out operations in the US. Futurewei is a Silicon valley based company that operates out of Silicon Valley, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas. The company has filed over 2,000 patents with the US Patents office and is working on more.

In a bid to stay relevant to the US, Futurewei has decided to sever its ties with Huawei after the company was blacklisted by the US government. With an immediate effect, Futurewei has:

  • banned Huawei employees from its offices,
  • switched Futurewei employees to a new computer system which only they have access to,
  • stopped using the Huawei name and logo in official communications.

Futurewei has declined to comment on the matter but the company is making changes both internally and externally to make sure they’re in the good books of the US government. Unfortunately, this wasn’t done fast enough as the company is currently struggling to get fundings from colleges and universities due to its name being associated with Huawei. Not only that, the company is in for a bumpy ride especially if US passes the “Protect Our Universities Act” which would make it impossible for companies to secure fundings if they are deemed as a threat to the national security.

Source Reuters

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