Huawei’s phones get dropped from carriers worldwide

Huawei’s mobile phone business has been torpedoed by the US government’s decision to ban Google from doing any business with it. Even as the firm has been granted a 90-day reprieve to dot their i’s and cross their t’s carriers worldwide are taking action.

Huawei’s foldable phone, the Mate X, was initially slated to launch with 5G on the UK’s Vodafone’s and EE networks. That will no longer be.

Now both Vodafone and the BT-owned EE have dropped plans to launch these phones.

“Until we get the information and confidence that gives us the long term surety that our customers, when they buy those devices, are going to be supported for the lifetime they’ve got the device with us … we’ve put those devices on pause,” BT’s Marc Allera said.

It’s not just in the UK,  carriers in Taiwan and Japan have paused sales on Huawei’s Mate X smartphone and even extending their restrictions to Huawei’s existing devices like the P30.

Should you want to flog yours off at resellers, some are refusing to take them in. While the phones are capable handsets, the uncertainty over them makes them hard to shift.

On Monday both Huawei and Google took to social media to assure users that their devices would still receive security updates and support from Google’s Play Protect respectively.