Huawei’s next foldable may be a Samsung Galaxy Fold clone


1, 2020

Author Surur // in huawei, News

In the battle for the best foldable phone, Huawei and Samsung stood at two clear opposites – Samsung with an inward-folding handset, and Hauwei with an outward-folding device with the screen always exposed.

It seems despite all of Samsung’s issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, their design may be the winner, as Huawei’s next device may bear a major resemblance to their handset.

LetsGoDigital has uncovered a design patent for a Huawei foldable handset, filed July 12, 2019 and published on the 28th April 28, 2020.

That design patent includes the images above, which shows a Samsung Galaxy Fold-style device with an inward-folding screen, and like the Fold, also a smaller external screen.

The devices are not exactly the same, however.  Huawei solved the issue of the selfie camera in a different way from Samsung. Instead of adding a notch to the internal screen, it placed the main camera on the front of the device next to the external screen, allowing users to use the smaller screen as a viewfinder, allowing for the best possible quality selfie pictures.

The patent also reveals the usual 4 Huawei cameras, including what appears to be a square periscope camera port.

For a second-generation device, the Huawei handset appears disappointingly thick, but given the need for a wide folding radius, this may be unavoidable.

The device is expected in the seconds half of the year, around October 2020. The full design patent can be seen here.

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