Huawei’s laptops and smartphones might not run Windows and Android in future

Huawei is currently second to Samsung in the smartphone race globally and no. 1 smartphone brand in China. The Chinese tech giant is also quite popular in the telecommunication industry. The company recently made a huge announcement regarding its future plans with its laptop and smartphone devices which currently run Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android respectively.

As first reported by Die Welt, Huawei confirmed that the smartphone manufacturer had been working on an alternative Operating System to Android and Windows since 2012 and it’s now ready for the prime time. The company said it’d drop both Android and Windows if they’re forced to quit American products and continue the development with their own Operating System that have built.

“We have prepared our own operating system. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared,” Huawei executive Richard Yu said.

Huawei’s statement comes days after the company decided to sue the US Government over a ban imposed on its products. The US earlier claimed that Huawei’s technologies are not trustworthy and putting America’s national security at risk. And in response to that Huawei hit back at US Government by calling the ban ”unconstitutional.”

Although Huawei pursued a plan B by developing their own O.S. just for the backup, YU said that the company would prefer Android and Windows over its own platform if the tensions between the US and Huawei don’t force them to.

Via: Business Insider

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