Huawei’s folding phone leaks ahead of MWC



It looks like Samsung will not be able to hold on to the title of the world’s only (practical) folding phone for very long.

A billboard at MWC 2019 has leaked Huawei’s own competitor, the Huawei Mate X 5G handset.

The screen does folding phones the easy way, with an outwards-folding screen, but still appears to have a rather tight fold radius, with the handset appearing relatively practical and even pocketable.

The result should be a device which is much affordable if Huawei is minded to undercut Samsung’s astounding $1980 price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Huawei is likely to reveal the device at their Sunday press event in at 2PM Barcelona time.

Do our readers think Huawei’s version is compelling? Let us know below.

Via the verge, 9to5google

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