Huawei was going to launch a smart speaker at IFA before Trump ban hit


29, 2019

Google and Huawei were working on a smart speaker for just about a year before Trump’s Huawei ban struck. The two were reported to be months away from launching the product. However, they were forced to severe ties and end it in May once the US trade restrictions meant that Google could no longer do any work with Huawei.

As per the Infomation, Huawei would have launched the Smart Speaker at IFA, presumably in concert with its anticipated Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro series of devices.

The project would have given Google a big win in the smart speaker market. While the Google Assistant’s powered smart speakers currently only really highlighted by Google’s own homemade Home speaker, being sold on a device from a trusted brand (in Europe and the UK at least) would have helped push more awareness and penetration of Google-powered smart audio products.

Source: The Information, Via: Engadget

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