Huawei is still working on finalizing the Mate X for launch and a recent message from Huawei terminal customer service officer Guan Wei has revealed that the company is aiming for October to launch it’s first foldable phone.

While the company is perfectly Mate X, they have also been busy developing the second generation Mate X 2 foldable smartphone. The patent for the Mate X 2 was filed by Huawei back in February 2019 with the USPTO and on September 26, 2019, the patent was added to the WIPO’s database. The patent shows a Mate X like design with space at the bottom to store a stylus. Earlier this month, Huawei indicated that they are interested in updating Mate X with a better SoC. There’s a slight chance that Mate X 2 might just be Mate X with better specs and the stylus.

We don’t know much about this device yet and the patent didn’t reveal any important details. Huawei Mate X is expected to launch at around $2,200 which will make it the most expensive foldable smartphone. Seeing the price, one can only assume the price range of Mate X 2.

Source Letsgodigital