Huawei Mate X officially announced, looks impressive

As expected, Huawei today officially announced the Huawei Mate X, the world’s fastest 5G foldable phone. A few days back, Samsung officially revealed its foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. Even though both Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold are foldable phones, they are quite different in the way they fold. While the Galaxy Fold folds inwards and features an additional display on the front, the Mate X just has one display and features back-to-back foldable design. When folded, you can use the 6.6-inch front display and on the back you will have 6.38-inch display. When unfolded, you will be able to enjoy 8-inch FullView OLED Display that will offer you the immersive viewing experience.

The Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge uses over 100 components for a smooth, sleek finish. Huawei says it has patented the hinge design.

Despite packing such big display, the Mate X is slim and compact. When opened, the Mate X measures just 5.4mm thick and when folded, it measures just 11mm.

Thanks to 8-inch display when opened, you will be able to enjoy multi-tasking with apps running side by side. For example, when composing a mail, you can browse your device gallery and insert photos without leaving your compose screen.

Instead of adding cameras on all sides of the device like Samsung, Huawei’s clever design has allowed it to use single set of cameras for both front and back. Since you have 6-inch plus displays on both the sides, you won’t be disappointed when using the camera.

Huawei has also included a neat little feature called Mirror shooting that lets you see your picture as it’s being taken.

The Mate X is powered by Kirin 980 application processor, 8GB RAM, 512 GB storage and also includes the world’s first 7nm 5G multi-mode modem, the Balong 5000 for great performance. Huawei has included a high-capacity 4500mAh battery and the new 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger can charge the battery to 85% in just 30 mins.

The Huawei Mate X will be available in mid-2019 for 2299 Euros.