In a YouTube video, Huawei made an emotional appeal to their German smartphone users, promising them “We will continue on this path with you – we are Huawei”

The video makes much of their phones being part of every user’s life journey, be it when “the path is winding or rocky – whether it is uphill or downhill“, saying “you are the tailwind that drives us“.

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The full translation of the narration reads:

Every day you share unique moments with us. And take us on more adventures. It does not matter if the path is winding or rocky – whether it is uphill or downhill – you are the tailwind that drives us, always pushing us forward. Without you, we would never have come this far. We will continue along this path with you. #WeAreHUAWEI

The company is clearly trying to appeal to a public that has been rather panicked by the news that their phones may very well end up being abandoned. With Huawei unable to provide any concrete assurances to the contrary, particularly in terms of future OS updates and the presence of Google Play on future devices, promising their users that they will stick with them is probably the best they can do.