HTML email demoed on Windows Phone 7

by Surur
August 26, 2010

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Today Pocketnow published a video which did a very good job of demoing the email client in Windows Phone 7, but unfortunately made the grave mistake of saying the software did not support HTML email.

A developer concerned that this misconception will spread across the internet has sent us this video (which we uploaded, apologies for the rotation) showing how HTML e-mail is handled in Windows Phone 7, and also showing the simple process of searching e-mail.

Both are handled in exactly the same way as on Windows Mobile, in particular the user still has to request to download pictures – an annoying but security conscious feature in Windows Phone 7 which we have covered here previously.

Do our readers think Microsoft should allow pictures to be downloaded by default, to prevent this misconception from occurring? Let us know below.

Edit:  Brandon from Pocketnow clarifies:

The particular build we are running does NOT have the option to “show pictures” and thus download HTML content.

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