HTC’s new ViveFlow VR headset leaks

by Surur
October 13, 2021

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Evan Blass has leaked a new VR headset by HTC.

The HTC ViveFlow appears to be a light VR headset that is tethered by wire to a battery module, and which connects wirelessly to your phone for a variety of purposes, including as a VR controller and also for content via miracast.

The aim is apparently to sell the headset to the mindfulness crowd, with active cooling and immersive sound.

The headset includes a number of comfort features, including a comfortable headband that fits a number of head sizes, up to 6 dioptre adjustments for the lenses and a removable facepad.

The headset is expected to be announced on the 15th of October for $499 with shipping in early November and will include a number of VR “contents“.

It will also come with 2-months of Infinity Vista and a free carrying case.

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