HTC Touch 2 update

by l3v5y
November 24, 2009

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image The Touch2 has received an update in the form of a patch that speeds up resumes after sleep, so you use your phone as soon as its turned on rather than having to wait for some time…

"HTC Touch2 brings you the added value of being able to unlock your device with a convenient way. Your device will be more responsive to resume after “sleeping” to conserve power".

It’s availible for devices with WM6.5 builds between 21849 and 21874 (Settings->System->About Ex: “CE OS 5.2.21869 (Build 21869.5.0.82). The AKU version is 21869", so if it applies to you, head on over to HTC, and install it. (Note, it’s misnamed on the page).

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