HTC T8290 – only 1710 models before we are all Terminated

If some-one told me HTC has developed AI which is beavering in its headquarters designing its new generation phones, I would not have believed it. Until today of course. With the HTC T8290 popping up on nedge2K I am prepared to believe the cellphone manufacturer can do anything.

The T8290 has apparently been developed specifically for Russia’s nascent Yota Wimax network, which apparently at present covers 20 million citizens. The device makes good use of this too, easily achieving 14 Mb/sec speeds, useful for displaying web pages on its gigantic 3.8 inch 800×480 screen. The phone also has the usual complement of GSM and WIFI, keeping you connected everywhere.

The photos we have seen so far show a full-face device with even less buttons than the Touch HD. The device however appears more angular and deeper, likely to to accommodate the gigantic battery we will need to carry around to make the best of the high speed connectivity

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Thanks John Slater for bringing this development to our attention.