HTC Singapore: Windows Phone 7 is 30% of HTC’s sales and rising


28, 2011

Author Surur // in News, Rumour

HTC Singapore’s Melvin Chua at at Windows Phone 7 launch

Speaking at a Mango launch event in Singapore, HTC Singapore boss Melvin Chua, claimed the OS was doing pretty well and generating a lot of positive feedback.

He said that affinity for Windows Phone is growing and becoming “very strong”, not just among consumers but within HTC as well. According to him, the “excitement” the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has toward version 7.5 and future iterations of the OS is comparable to when the company first collaborated with Redmond on Windows Mobile.

He revealed that Windows Phone 7 was already 30% of HTC’s sales since launch and he expected this to increase in the future. It was not clear if this was just sales in Singapore or world-wide.

“We believe that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money,” Chua said.

Read more at ZDNet Asia here.






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