HTC patents G-sensor based text entry system


I don’t know if HTC is planning to bring this to a handset any time soon, but their invention “METHOD FOR INPUTTING CHARACTER” seems rather interesting.



A method for inputting a character adapted for a handheld electronic device is provided. In the present method, a reference plane is determined first. Then, a tilting angle and a tilting direction of the handheld electronic device deviating from the reference plane are detected. Then, the tilting direction is indicated, and an input of a key of the keypad is received. Finally, a character corresponding to the key at the tilting direction is displayed on the handheld electronic device. Therefore, only two actions including tilting the handheld electronic device and pressing the key are required for the users to complete the input of a character. As such, the method is intuitive, convenient, and fast for inputting the character.

In plain English, by tilting the phone you would indicate which of the 3-4 characters on each key you wish to type when you actually press the key.

While the idea seems pretty smart, I fear for the wrist of a texter who actually gets proficient in this method.

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