HTC Mazaa is the HTC 7 Trophy heading for Sprint?

Mazaa1-604x1024 Mazaa2-562x1024

XDA-Developers have leaked a handset which they call the HTC Mazaa and which their tipster said was heading to Sprint within the next 6 months.

Of course regular readers would know the device appears 100% identical to the HTC 7 Trophy, a originally GSM device which is still waiting to appear on Verizon as a CDMA world phone.

It therefore looks as if the device may also be coming to Sprint eventually, and at the rate Verizon is moving possibly even before big red gets it.

XDA-Dev notes the handset has an IMEI number, suggesting just like the Verizon version it will be a world phone. The Verizon phone is said to have 16 GB storage, rather than the 8 on the GSM version.

Read more at XDA-Developers here.