HTC Max 4G Unboxing

December 21, 2008

Begovaya over at XDA- is in the enviable position of having purchased an HTC Max 4G, and after some cajoling has been convinced to put up some unboxing pictures.

As our regular readers will know, the Max 4G is the worlds first ever GSM/WiMAX phone and features an 800×480 display with 8GB on board Flash memory, two cameras, WiFi, tri-band EDGE, an FM Radio and most importantly, WiMAX support. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 is the operating system of choice and the phone is set to run on Scartel’s Yota network in Russia. 

As can be seen from the pictures, the device has a miniUSB socker for both sync/charge and audio/video out at the bottom of the device with a soft reset button and microphone present also. There is only three haptic buttons below the screen, answer, hang up and a home tab in between. The front facing camera is visible on the front of the phone to the upper right of what looks to be a stunning display with plenty of room for all of that touchscreen goodness. The back of this handset appears to have a matte black finish so it should not attract as many fingerprints or smudges as my beloved HTC Fuze. The rear facing camera unfortunately seems to be lacking a flash, which is a disappointment.

The pictures are not overly detailed, but as near as I can tell the phone comes with just the basics in the box. The software, wall charger, a set of ear bud headphones, an extra stylus, USB sync cable and a quick set up booklet is all that seems to be included, aside from the handset itself. For $1050 USD, a pouch and a few extra screen protectors sure would have been nice. 

The comparison shots of the HTC Max 4G to the Sony Ericsson P1i and the iPhone give a vague idea as to the size of this phone and just how big the display really is. I am interested to see this piece of hardware in action and discover exactly what the MAX 4G is capable of. Anyone up for a trip to Mother Russia to find out first hand?

Read more at the XDA-Developer thread here.

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