HTC launches a new crypto focused Android phone…with Oreo



HTC has announced the HTC Exodus 1s. This is its cheaper blockchain-focused device and can be used primarily for validation of Bitcoin transactions if that’s your thing. Yup, you can run a full node on this smartphone and act as a mobile decentralised bank. Unfortunately, using it for that functionality means you’ll have to give up the mobile part of this equation and rely on WiFi/wall socket power support on this handset.

That said, the primary use of this phone is as a crypto-focused device. It can store all sorts of cryptocurrencies, send and receive them, and it supports HTC’s Zion wallet which facilitates much of this as well.

The handset ships with a few undesirable spec choices. HTC’s putting Android 8 (Oreo) on this, rather than Android 9 (Pie) or the much newer Android 10. The specs are also a bit remarkable in their unremarkableness, with a 3-year-old Snapdragon 435 powering the whole package. Thep e’s a 5.7-inch 720p display, a micro-USB port. and 4GB of RAM paired with 64GB of storage, all for $244.

We can’t imagine there’s much of a market for the Exodus 1s unless you’re looking for a woefully underpowered crypto machine, but clearly, HTC has a bit more fanciful flair.

Via: Engadget 

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