HTC HD2 user impressions

A few lucky souls have their hands on HTC HD2s, and fortunately for us some have shared their impressions with us.

If you are still rearing to read every word available about the device this 18 page thread on XDA-Developers seems to be the best spot, and from there is this above video, in which the author tried to make the HTC HD2 “go crazy” or crash by running as many applications as possible as fast as possible, including launching a GPS navigation app and playing a video, and the device does not skip a beat at all.

Also from the thread is this battery run down test by Xmoo, also the author of the video above:

Tested the battery today (07-11-2009 from 08:00 till 18:00)
*Active Sync enabled all day;
*3G only, no switching to H;
*Weather, Twitter, Stocks auto download every 1 hour;
*3,5 Hours of browsing with Opera;
*11 Calls, total of 34min talk;
*19 SMS got, 15 SMS sent;
*Formatted a 4GB SD card;
*15mins MSN;
*30mins playing with the phone (Showing it to my boss);
*Vibrate only;
*8 E-mails got, 2 E-mails sent;
From 100% to 61%, so in 10 hours use, battery dropped 39%

Benjiro wrote about the GPS performance, saying:

Originally Posted by xmoo View Post

GPS is amazing, Installed TomTom7 and in 4sec 9 satellite fix in door!!!

To add to this discussion, i tested iGo8 on the HD2:
* Satellites indoor
HD2: 6 to 7.
BT GPS receiver ( Sirf I if i remember correctly, yes its old. i know ): 0
* Outside
HD2: 10 a 11
BT GPS Receiver: 6
* Behind Car Window ( note: This is anti heat glass crap, that interferes with GPS signals ).
HD2: 9 a 10
BT GPS Receiver: 5 a 6 ( but, only on "sweet" spots, if the receiver moves during driving, it will totally drop to 0 satellites ).
* Middle of the Car:
HD: 9 a 10 still
Did not test the BT Receiver in the middle of the Car
* Route calculation ( 180km route )
x50v: Several Seconds
HD2: Instant! No joke… Surprised the crap out off my father
* Letting iGo8 run in fast demo drive mode ( at 1080km/h *lol*, no joke ).
HD2: Switching to task manager: 55 a 60% CPU usage when switching to it for a second, and then 2 a 3% CPU usage. Switching front & back shows the exact same pattern, and iGo8 was still "driving" or "flying" along without any problem. Did the correct distance relative to the time needed to switch.

Xmoo however complains the GPS lag is still present, despite the incredibly fast lock rates.

Read the full thread here.