HTC HD2 envy – TouchFlo3D for the iPhone

by Surur
April 25, 2010

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We know HTC’s Sense UI is pretty attractive, such that HTC even transplanted it onto Android.

Jailbreaking iPhone owners have however not been left out of the game, with quite a few HTC Sense themes for iPhone around. Here is another, which takes the hack even further, to include animated.

Obsessionxyz writes:

To begin, YES i know there is tons of this modded theme here, but none has satisfied me, so I have rewritten the alot of codes and combined various javascripts to make this work. ok the theme now, it has a working animated flipclock, and animated weather, so far the same as others, but, this one you can actually tap on to update. which is the way i want it.

I have recreate all weather elements myself, and compare to the original (Weather Elements v3) the file size was huge, mine is only 5MB big, (the whole theme)

As for the animated flipclock, that also have i recreated the images. if you want to have the theme i will also create AM/PM images.

If you succumbed to the dark side, this hack which gives you a UI which is actually a bit more than a grid of icons may make you feel a bit more at home.

Read more at here.

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