HTC HD2 camera problem – software or hardware? Update: HTC’s official statement

pinkspodgeThe HTC HD2 has a camera problem.  This is not arguable at this moment.  The question is whether we should all be returning our devices until it is fixed, or wait for a software fix.

Initial responses from HTC claimed it was a hardware issue, but now we are getting HTC support claiming a hotfix is on the way for the issue.

Dear HTC Customers,
We have identified a software issue affecting HTC HD2 cameras.
We take this matter very seriously and already have a patch in a form of a hotfix in development.
This will be released as soon as possible.
Updates for this product will be released via our support pages, and in the case of Network Devices you will normally still be able to apply hotfixes to the device.
The HD2 support page can be found here:…&act=faq&cat=0

Best Regards
HTC Customer Care

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While the 2 responses are not mutually exclusive (some hardware issues can be fixed or ameliorated by software) the situation remains very confusing for current owners and the legions of future buyers for this top of the range Windows Mobile smartphone.

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Edit: We have just received an official response from HTC:

HTC has received reports that under some lighting conditions, images taken with the HD2 camera are pinkish in colour or have a pink area. Although this appears to be limited to a small number of phones, we are currently investigating these reports and will work on developing a solution for those affected. Thank you for your patience.

Not very illuminating, but hopefully it is the case that only a small minority of phones are affected.

Do you have an unaffected HTC HD2?  Let us know in the comments below.