HTC HD2 as a gaming machine

Lacking a D-pad, the HTC HD2 may not appear to be a natural gaming machine. The truth is of course, due to the influence of the iPhone, games are increasingly designed to be controlled by using the screen and accelerometer. has published this video showing 3 pretty good looking games which can be controlled exclusively by using the screen.

The first, Electopia, is an OpenGL 2.0 game, and the highly detailed graphics clearly show the GPU in action.  The next is Experiment 13, hacked from the Xperia X2 and the last Xtract, ripped from the Xperia X1.

From my own experience with the device, the massive 4.3 inch screen takes games, even old familiar ones, to another level completely, and one can certainly hope more games that work well on the HTC HD2 will be released soon.