HTC getting ready to launch a feature phone in September?



htcdumbphonemockup Solopalmari claims to have information suggesting HTC will launch a device running its own proprietary OS with many features of TouchFlo3D and HTC Sense as early as September this year.  The device will apparently have a similar form factor to the HTC Touch Viva, and is expected to be a cheap and low-end device.

This is not the first time we have heard of HTC making a feature phone, with Digitimes reporting the same in April 2009, but this is the first information we have regarding the form factor of the device. Feature phones have much less components and are significantly cheaper to produce than smartphones, meaning prices are much lower and potential market penetration also much likely to be higher.

This move would be part of HTC’s attempt to become a top tier phone OEM, with HTC saying last year they wanted to be in the top 3-5 phone companies when it comes to shipments eventually.

Thanks MrJoe for the tip.

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