HTC CEO – “We will always have more flagship products on Windows Mobile”


9, 2009

Author Surur // in News

manlyhd1 Mobinaute interviewed Frédéric Tassy, CEO of HTC for France and Benelux and has published the result today.  The interview was heavily focussed on HTC’s Android products, but HTC’s commitment to Windows Mobile continued to shine through.

Mr Tassy confirmed that Windows Mobile will always be their lead platform, saying “We will always be more flagship products on Windows Mobile.”

He went on to reveal that the Windows Mobile powered HTC Touch HD remains their best-selling European phone, despite the launch of the HTC G1 and HTC Magic more recently.

Regarding the iPhone, Tassy was not afraid to talk some smack.

“But I think at the end of the year, the iPhone will become just another product. We have been in discussion for many months with mobile operators, I can assure you they want something else now."

On a side note, I wonder how many more best sellers HTC would have if they included 3.5 mm headphone jacks in all their phones…

Read the full interview at Mobinaute here.

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