HTC Acquires Dashwire, A Cloud Sync Platform Startup



Author Pradeep // in News


HTC today announced its acquisition of Dashwire, a Seattle based startup that is offering Cloud Sync platform for mobile operators, device makers and retailers for $18.5 million. Currently Dashwire supports Android, Windows Mobile (Yes, Not Windows Phone), Symbian and BlackBerry. HTC may incorporate Dashwire’s technology into its HTC Sense offerings for its smartphones. So far, HTC Sense is only seen on Android devices, but that doesn’t mean it wont come to  Windows Phones. Also BGR reports that HTC made Dashwire acquisition because Dashwire and Intellectual Ventures (IV®) announced last year that Dashwire has become a customer of IV and has acquired patents to use for defensive purposes. HTC may use them against Apple in their on going IP battle.

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