HTC’s WP7 Unlocked Devices available for Pre Order


As Windows Phone Devices have been launched in Europe and many other countries on October 21, USA is still waiting to get WP7 devices. AT&T and T-Mobile will be launching their devices on the 8th November, but now Expansys USA,an online retailer have made possibility to pre-order Unlocked HTC’s WP7 devices. HTC HD7, HTC Trophy, HTC Surround will be available for $699,$649,$599 respectively.

There is still no confirmed date of availability. If you place a pre-order for this product now, they will not ship the phone or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives.

See the selection at Expansys USA.

Update: Amazon wireless is now listing HTC HD7 with TMobile starting from $169. And they have some special offers too. Check out here.