HP makes a business case for the HP Elite x3


The HP Elite x3 is the latest Windows 10 Mobile flagship device from HP, a powerful device aimed at business users and Windows phone fans who just want an unlocked device running Windows 10 Mobile.

In two clips released on YouTube, HP showcases how business users can be productive on their devices using Microsoft’s Continuum, and a single device for everything. They also explain how much device management is simplified for IT admins, where instead of managing a disparate number of devices, they can simply use an Elite x3 as the brain of multiple devices and only have to manage one device.

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It’s hard to argue with that logic, knowing about the power of Windows 10 Mobile as well as the flexibility of HPs minitablet/phone/thing. HP’s Elite x3 truly is a beast of a phone, being a very secure device due to coming with Windows 10 Mobile and all that entails, it supports a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner (the only other phone to do that was the Galaxy Note 7), and it comes with HPs unique solution for businesses who don’t use other remote software¬†services so apps like Chrome and Office can be used by workers in the field.

When all that is taken into account, perhaps the HP Elite x3 can be a great device (along with a smartphone) used by power executives to get things done on the go.

What do you think of the HP Elite x3 for business? Let us know in the comments below.

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