HP Elite x3 snags a new firmware update


HP has started rolling out a new firmware update for the Elite x3. The latest firmware update for the Elite x3 doesn’t seem to include any major improvements – however, it possibly brings some performance improvements and other bug fixes. In case you are wondering, the company pushed 0001.0000.0006.0243 for the Elite x3.

As we recently reported, HP has more firmware updates coming in the near future which will fix some annoying issues and introduce new features on the device. The company is working on adding improvements to the Iris scanner feature, Double Tap To Wake, and lots of performance enhancements.

It is worth noting that the HP Elite x3 isn’t widely available just yet. HP should start shipping the device in the UK early next week, and the device is set to get released on September 12th in the United States. However, some users were able to get their hands-on the Elite x3 a bit early in Europe — and if you happen to own the Elite x3, you can get the firmware update by heading over to Settings > Update & Security.

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