How To Use Grok AI for Free in 2024

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How To Use Grok AI for Free

Are you wondering how to use Grok AI for free? I’ve got the best suggestions for you. Keep reading!

How To Use Grok AI for Free

Often, when you ask ChatGPT or Bing Chat complex questions, the AI chatbot won’t answer them citing funny reasons. Not to mention, most popular AI models come with a bias for certain beliefs or ideas. To help resolve this situation and make AI more accessible, Elon Musk’s company xAI Corp has created Grok AI.

Grok ai

It answers complex questions in simple language with a dash of humor.

It’s still in its beta testing phase. The AI developer has allowed only a select few to use and provide feedback to improve the Grok-1 large language model.

As of now, you can use Grok AI for free only if you’re an X Premium+ subscriber. If you’ve got such an X profile, head over to Grok’s webpage and click the Sign in with X button.

Sign in

Unfortunately, if you don’t own an X Premium+ subscription, you can’t access the AI chatbot. Instead, you can use the following alternatives.

Best Free Grok AI Alternatives



I’ve used 40+ AI chatbots for different purposes from answering common questions of math to creating scripts for complex automation on Excel. So far, I liked Pi a lot. It doesn’t ask for personal data like email or mobile number for account creation. It’s completely free and takes you straight to the AI chatbot if you visit the Pi Talk portal.

Besides chat, it can say the answer out loud using 6 built-in Pi voice models. To save your chats or share those with someone, you can create an account using your Google Account, Facebook profile, or Apple ID.

Another cool thing is its integration with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Pi whatsapp
A free-to-use AI available for anyone to usePi can’t code programs in languages like Python, VBA, Java, etc.
You can create a personal journal on itIt can’t generate charts and graphs
Pi can help you plan your next move in your personal, school, or work lifeIt doesn’t interact with the hardware or software resources for development purposes



If you need a powerful AI chatbot for work or school, that’s Microsoft’s Copilot. This is a strategically designed AI program that includes learning models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, Designer, and DALL-E 3.

You can use it for almost any purpose, like travel planning, making a comparison table for products or services, writing jokes, synthesizing music or songs from scratch, and more.

Its unique feature is Copilot Plugins. You can link the AI tool with apps like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Instacart, and more.

Integrates with work apps like Excel, PowerPoint, etc.AI-processing throttling on free accounts in peak hours
It can create graphical representations of data, schematics, etc.Limited features in the free plan
GPT-4 is available for freeThe AI conversation interface is cluttered



While Microsoft, Open AI, and many other AI programs use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 as the underlying artificial intelligence model, Google didn’t follow suit. It went a step ahead to develop something new. The result is Google Bard AI based on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA).

It’s like a personal assistant that’s available for online chat. You can ask it about things, like history, science, and current events, or even just for recommendations on movies. Since it’s integrated with Google Search’s vast database, it can offer up-to-date information on critical topics that most other AI tools can’t offer.

Google Bard is also good for highly technical topics like data analytics and computer coding. I regularly use it for VBA scripting and Office Scripts programming. It creates working codes all the time.

Human reviewers of AI answers for continuous model improvementIt often declines to answer topics like relationships, health, own life, ethical hacking, etc.
Clear and easy-to-use UIIt refers to online searches, so copyright infringement could be an issue if you blindly use the content
Integrates with Google Maps, Google Workspace, YouTube, etc.



Anthropic, an artificial intelligence safety and research company, developed Claude AI as a general-purpose AI chatbot for many topics. If you’re looking to use Grok AI for free for creativity and complex reasoning, you better try Claude.

It’s good at doing simple tasks and understanding basic instructions. It can format outputs the way you want, follow if-then statements, and make logical evaluations in just one prompt.

However, you may find it annoying when you sign up for the first time because it collects a lot of personal information, including your mobile number.

You can upload long or complex prompts via PDF, CSV, TXT, etc.Not suitable for professional advice on complex things like medical, financial, and legal
A minimalistic user interface for distraction-less learning and researchIt’s definitely not the platform to share personal experiences since human reviewers read flagged conversations
Good for general conversational information on science, arts, technology, etc.Claude may reduce the service extended to you based on your usage



ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot that uses deep learning and large language models in its Generative Pre-trained Transformer model with a two-way conversation system. Hence, the name ChatGPT.

It’s a true multipurpose AI. You can use it for personal, school, and business requirements. Most importantly, you can sign up for free using Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts. I often use it to create project planning, graphic designing ideas, data analytics, and VBA scripting.

Keep in mind that the quality of the output depends on the prompt you input. So, be creative and expressive with the prompt so the tool can understand your requirements better.

24 by 7 server up timeIts knowledge is limited to January 2022 if you use the free plan
In-line editing of an answer to seek additional informationDoesn’t work well with VPNs
If you type in a different language, provided that it’s supported, ChatGPT switches to that language automaticallyProhibits research in topics like hacking, computer security vulnerability testing, etc.



Perplexity is an advanced web search tool that uses AI to refine the search results on any query and present the relevant answer. Instead of allowing you to get lost in hundreds of search results, it provides you with a specific answer from top reliable sources on the internet.

It also mentions the sources so that you can check those and verify if needed. The AI chatbot is good for writing blog posts, creating article outlines, generating social media posts, and marketing copies.

It creates a summary of web searches backed by references, images, videos, etc., in a single windowPossibility of paid or sponsored blogs or websites to show up more often
No need to sign up with an email or mobile numberThe UI might distract you during research work
Accepts image uploads as prompts



With Rytr, you can create tailor-made blogs and produce new ideas for business and marketing. It also lets you create presentations and fixes the grammar of your content. Moreover, you can use it to create painting templates and write email copies.

It uses scientific copywriting formulas so that you need minimal or no editing. You can use Rytr to write copies in 30+ languages. Moreover, it offers 30+ custom use cases to automate writing and querying tasks.

Rytr’s customizations, like language setting, conversation tone, and pre-configured use cases make your AI chats more productive. Besides writing and answering questions, it can also help you generate AI images.

Copywriting, image creation, and questions-answer in one AI appLimited third-party app integrations
Free to use with an email-based signupBesides English, content accuracy is low in other languages
20+ conversation tones

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If you’re not into too many technical details, Pi AI is the best and most affordable option. It explains technical and theoretical content in an easy language that anyone can understand. Its UI is also simple and pleasant to look at.

Moreover, it doesn’t interfere with your privacy. If you want to stay anonymous just don’t input any email addresses to sign in. So, instead of wondering how to use Grok AI for free, try this tool instead.

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